I’m Back

Well I’ve been away from the blog for a while and my excuse? I’ve none, just didn’t get around to it and sometimes, life has a way of taking over. So I’m back and I hope that I can be a bit more productive this time. I’ve taken a hard look at myself recently and have had to admit that I need to take my weight gain seriously. I am overweight, and stuffing my face isn’t going to help that. So I want to do something about it. I’ve done lots of different diets and for now I’ve decided to do a Weight Watchers inspired diet. If I can’t manage it alone, I will go back to meetings for that support. The next few days will be about getting the house in order and working out a meal plan etc. My next few blog posts will be recipes I have done over the last few weeks and won’t be entirely healthy. But once I’m ready to begin, then the low fat, high flavour recipes will come thick and fast. I’m going to test my theory that if you can cook with butter, you can cook without it too and make it just as tasty!


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