Lorraine Pascale’s Jam Tarts

This weekend I had absolutely nothing to do. Saturday morning brought the carpet man to the house and he fitted the new lush stairs and landing carpet. The dog has since tried to mark his territory on it; I take it as a sign of approval! I’ve mentioned before that I’m not much of a baker but I continue to try. I recently bought Lorraine Pascale’s latest book (Link: Fast, Fresh & Easy Food). I love her cookery show, she doesn’t make things look complicated and having seen her doing the jam tart recipe, I thought I would give it a go. The recipe uses a sweet pastry and I chose to use strawberry jam as the filling. Lorraine also recommends lemon curd as an alternative filling.

These take no time to make in the food processor, which made the recipe even more enticing to me. You have to cool the pastry in the fridge for half an hour and then it easily rolls out. Halfway through the rolling-out process, I remembered a simple fact: I didn’t have a star shaped cutter. ‘I’ll improvise,’ I thought as I pulled the scissors from the drawer. Yes reader, I cut the top of the tarts in the required ‘star’ shape. This wasn’t exactly pretty, but I tried and then gave up half way through.

My handiwork:


After twenty minutes or so, the little beauties are ready to go. What have I learned from this baking experience?

1. I didn’t roll out the bases enough; therefore, they were too mini, when they should have been higher up the sides of the muffin tin.
2. The recipe calls for 1tbsp of jam in each tart, this is too much. The jam crept up and over the edges of the tarts. I refer you to Point 1; this could be the cause too.
3. I can’t cut stars, or any shapes for that matter, I refer you to the photographs.


The tarts are delicious teatime treats and are nicer if you let them cool a little, but not go completely cold though. I will definitely be adding this recipe to the list of ‘to be done again’.


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