Spicy Pork with Chorizo stuffed Mushrooms


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my love for chorizo! I recently got the soft, cooking chorizo in a local supermarket, and while staring into the fridge the other night decided to stuff some chestnut mushrooms with it to accompany my spiced pork chop. I made a dry rub of chilli powder, onion salt, black pepper, smoked paprika and dried oregano. Massage the rub into your chop and set aside while you prepare the mushrooms.

I removed the stalks, and gently cleaned with kitchen paper. I never wash mushrooms, they absorb too much of the water. I squeezed the chorizo out of its skin and placed a thumb sized piece in each mushroom cavity. Then sprinkled on some breadcrumbs and chilli flakes. I dipped the base of each mushroom in olive oil and placed in an ovenproof dish. I cooked in a moderate oven, 170C fan, for 15-20 mins, all depends on how big your mushrooms are.


The chorizo doesn’t lose any of its softness in the cooking and these would make an ideal canapé for a party too, as they are very moreish.


While the mushrooms cook fry your chops. I usually only cook them for 5-6 mins if they aren’t too thick, this means you get a nice juicy chop and you avoid the dried-out effect. I served the chops and mushrooms with roasted cubed potatoes, which take about 25 mins at the same temperature as the mushrooms. This makes a nice midweek dinner, as it doesn’t take too much time. This is definitely one that will be done again.



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