Carrot Cupcakes

Well, I baked again and it wasn’t a disaster, can you believe it? I know I can’t. I’ve discovered the bit I like best about baking, it is the calm and peace that surrounds it. Everything has to be organised in advance and ready ago. It can’t be spontaneous because the eggs must be at room temperature, everything must be weighed out and your pan or cases must be ready to go for batter droppage. So for a little while you get the world to yourself and in my case, a chance to pray that your buns come out nice and fluffy.

I used Marian Keyes’ Carrot Cupcake recipe from her new book This is a brilliant book for someone like me, a complete baking novice. It is written in an informal friendly way. The introduction itself, is one of the most inspiring intros I’ve ever read to any book. Marian’s honesty is part of her appeal and you have to admire her for it.  I also discovered we have something in common – I don’t like walnuts that much either, so I left them out of the recipe. I decorated them with an orange frosting and some sparkly stars to girlify them up.



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