I’ve been a bold blogger this week, but I’ve been a bit disorganised and slightly under the weather. I will make amends.

I don’t bake. In fact, any time I’ve ever tried to bake, has been an unmitigated disaster. People smiled at me through their disgust at the cake falling to shingle in their mouth. I think it is about time I tried to improve that skill. And what’s easier than buns? Not cupcakes though, God almighty I’m not ready for that kind of challenge just yet. As you can see from my blog list to your right, I like to read other cookery blogs and by sheer luck I stumbled upon Nessa Robbin’s recipe for basic buns (you can find it here Nessa’s Family Kitchen) and amazingly, it worked. The buns turned out fluffy, sweet and light as clouds, too light maybe considering the amount we wolfed down. Thanks Nessa, you’ve given me a bit of hope.


I’ve been wondering what was different about this time compared to my other disasters and I think it was because I just relaxed. I didn’t put myself under any pressure to be perfect or achieve perfection. This new attitude has spurred me to buy a couple of sponge tins and a 12 hole tray. Who knows, cupcakes may not be my nemesis after all.



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