Alternative Pizza

Alternative Pizza

I love pizza. I love when I have time to make the dough and admire its stretchiness. But sometimes, especially mid-week, you have to make do. I had a half-stale ciabatta roll rattling around the kitchen and decided to use it as my base. A decent pepperoni sausage is also something that is next to impossible to find in the shops here in Limerick. I made do with kabanossi, which is an excellent alternative and has a nice peppery taste.

Here’s the science bit:20120504-121046.jpg

Feeds one

1 ciabatta roll, halved and lightly toasted
2tbsp tomato purée, mixed with a splash of oil and a pinch of dried oregano
Kabanossi sausage, sliced
2 slices Serrano ham
Mozzarella, hard block (not soft) grated

Spread the tomato purée mix over the cut halves of the roll. Sprinkle a little of the grated cheese on top and lightly toast it, so the cheese is just melted. I do this, as I find it helps the toppings stay on the bread.

Scatter over the sausage, and tuck the Serrano ham in between and then top with the remaining cheese. Stick it under a hot grill until the cheese is melted and browned. Serve with a mixed salad of your choosing.

To make this healthy, just top with sliced mushrooms or peppers. A pinch of chilli flakes would also add a nice kick to the pizza roll.

Also if you have a decent tomato sauce hanging around, use it. I find the tomato purée mix a quick and easy substitute.


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