The Beginning

In the beginning there was an idea and that idea was to create for a project for myself. The month of May is going to be an experimental month, cooking-wise. I hope to cook something different every day, things I’ve made before and things that I’ve never tried. I will be inflicting these dishes on the other half and he probably won’t eat half of them, but then that’s more for me!! I will, of course, be taking photographs of all these meals and eats, sharing them here and sharing them on Instagram. So here’s to May!

A couple of caveats though! I’m no expert at cooking, it’s just a hobby. Neither am I an expert photographer and most of the photographs will be taken on my iPhone 4s. This blog is as much a project as it is filling a gap. My life has been a bit horrid recently (that’s a separate conversation) and I hope that this blog will give me a reason to write and cook. I will also, every now and then, include some pictures of my beloved doggie Bailey, so apologies for the eventual gushing.

If you read this, I hope you enjoy it. I’m not looking to be the next Delia/Rachel/Ina etc, just me Sinéad.


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