Spiced Salmon with Butternut squash chips

Last night I decided to have a healthy Sunday dinner. I had bought some salmon darnes and decided they would be the star of the meal.

I coated the salmon with a pinch of smoked paprika, freshly ground black pepper, chilli powder and onion salt. I used roughly a big pinch of all of these, it’s up to you how spicy or not you like things.


I let that sit for a few mins while I prepared the butternut squash and made a slaw to go with the salmon. Simply cut the squash into fat chips, coat with oil, salt, pepper and some chilli powder. Roast in a moderate oven, 190C fan, for 20 mins approx. The slaw was simply very finely sliced carrot, red & yellow pepper, onion mixed with a couple tablespoons of mayonnaise, seasoning and a teaspoon or so of sriracha.

The salmon took less than 6 mins in a moderate pan. I was greedy and threw in a few prawns as well, and for a final flourish a knob of butter, which created a lovely glistening sauce.



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